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fun factor

As a team building exercise, I made a Slack bot that posts Haikus to a Slack channel from the descriptions of pull requests.

Every single pull request had to have a somewhat relevant haiku in the description. The bot would then post the haiku to a Slack channel.

This was in 2016, so the bot was specifically made for a self-hosted "Stash" (by Atlassian) instance. It lived for roughly 5 years, posting almost 4000 haikus before it was decommissioned.

A haiku posted to Slack

It had a few features, such as being able to create word clouds from the haikus.

A image showing a word cloud of the most used words

As well as manually adding haikus, show some stats for longest word, most used words, etc. It also had a score board showing who had the most haikus.

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