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Stats tracker for Among Us games with friends

fun factor

During the lockdown in 2020 most of our "team building" and socializing was done on Discord.

We played a lot of Among Us and I wanted to keep track of my stats. I also wanted to see how my stats compared to my friends. I couldn't find any existing tools that did this so I made my own.

The only thing that made Among Us more fun was to know that that person was lucky and had been an impostor 3 times in a row, or that other person had a 0% win rate as an impostor.

Still playing Among Us? Try it out for your self!

The app is a Single Page Application, everything is stored in a Redux state. The Redux state is persisted in the browser's local storage and configured to be able to migrate data whenever I needed to change the structure of the state.

The UI was nothing to write home about, with UX goodies such as tri-state checkboxes and horizontal scrolling if you played to many rounds.

But it was pretty feature packed, you could group your gaming sessions, play as many rounds as you wanted. Even mark players as AFK for specific rounds to make sure that the stats were accurate.

Of course it boasted a very screenshot friendly scoreboard for your current gaming session.

It even supported posting screenshots directly to Discord with the press of a button. Discord's API is pretty good, so this was a breeze to implement.

You also had global statistics for every single game played, so over time certain players would rise to the top of the leaderboard. Very fun!

A period I had enabled Google Analytics for this app, it had a few hundred users at the peak, but the usage died down with the popularity of Among Us.

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